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In this weekly podcast, our mostly improvised conversations will take you to honest yet curious corners of various themes, including: web development, design, games, movies, UX design, mental health, life and much more!


S3E27: End of the year recap [2023 Wrapped]

In this episode we look back at 2023 and the things we've done and experienced.

  • Gideon talks about his favourite games of the year (Alan Wake 2 anyone) and Murtada has a few recommendations of his own.
  • Talking about gaming, Murtada has been streaming on Twitch almost daily for most of the year, so that's new! He talks about what it feels like to be streaming almost full time and how it impacts his life.
  • The two boys have done some traveling this year as well. Gideon takes you from the vibrant streets of Japan to the breathtaking landscapes of Lanzarote. Murtada takes us on a virtual tour of Iceland, sharing breathtaking landscapes, unique experiences, and travel recommendations for this captivating destination.

Join us for a recap of our gaming, travel, and streaming experiences in 2023.

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